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Apr 20th (+14)

I broke down when I saw you
Your mother held me in her arms
And she told me to stay strong

A few days ago I told you how much that
irritated me, hearing the words stay strong, especially when it left the mouths of people who can’t even imagine what you’re going through, and you agreed.

But my god, hearing that come from your mom, as she told me I love you, was exactly what I needed

Apr 19th (+0)
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I don’t know how I’m suppose to fall asleep with the weight of the world on top of my chest
It’s only been 10 hours
And there’s so much more to go

Apr 19th (+0)
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This world is filled with wonders and horrors. It is important not to let the horrors break you.

It is important to remember that you will again encounter wonders.

Do not lose yourself to darkness. Your own demons may haunt you, but that does not mean you are bound to become one yourself.

Apr 19th (+23)

You told me you used to worry about how selfish it would be and how your parents would feel, but you felt that they’d understand one day.

Nobody can understand something like that.
You don’t get to do that.
Why would you do that.
How could you.

Apr 18th (+0)
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♡Heart Shaped Box♡

by Lana Del Rey

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Apr 18th (+55)

Apr 18th (+1128)


Artist: Ryan Ashley Malarkey

The Strange and Unusual, Kingston Pennsylvania.


Apr 18th (+6380)
Apr 18th (+9422)

I always wished for Lana to get famous, because then that would mean that she’d finally start touring in the states instead of fucking places like Poland. What I didn’t realize is that it would also mean every show in a 500 mile radius around me would be sold out in literally 6 minutes.

Still hurting.

Apr 17th (+2)
Apr 17th (+63142)

Bangs finally long enough to eat, accomplishments of 2014.

One obstacle at a time.

Don’t stop believing.

Apr 14th (+13)
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coachella aka the annual bindi wearing white girls conference

Apr 13th (+20641)

I watched this 3 times before bed, 2 times at work, and 4 times when I got home today

Apr 12th (+93237)

One time I went to see a podiatrist (foot doctor) cause I had an issue with standing too long after a car accident I had last year, and for some reason I got frustrated and started crying so he prescribed me an antidepressant on the spot.

Definitely one of my top wtf moments of life

Apr 10th (+2)