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pros of turning 18: can legally do the stuff i already do
cons of turning 18: no longer the dancing queen

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“You can’t control the Universe. You are the water, not the rock.” 

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My boss: Why are you so quiet?

Me: Why do you talk so much?

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Got a new pillow for the chair

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shot by derek perlman

styled by sydney szramowski

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“My mother boils seawater. It sits all afternoon simmering on the stovetop, almost two gallons in a big soup pot. The windows steam up and the house smells like a storm. In the evening, a crust of salt is all that’s left at the bottom of the pot. My mother scrapes it out with a spoon. We each lick a fingertip and dip them in the salt and it’s softer than you’d think, less like sand and more like snow. We lay our fingertips on our tongues, right in the middle. It tastes like salt but like something else, too—wide, and dark. It tastes like drowning, or like falling asleep on the shore and only waking up when the tide has come up to your feet and you wonder if you’d gone on sleeping, would you have sunk?”

The Alchemy: Salt from Water


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People who have a picture of themselves as their phone background


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